AOBOCAM Spy Camera WiFi Hidden Camera 4K HD Mini Spy Cam for Home Security Easy to Use Wireless Indoor Smallest Camera with Motion Detection Night Vision

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Product Description

AOBOCAM is a professional mini security camera company. We have the most cutting edge mini cameras technology on the planet. Our team is very familiar with the user’s needs and perfectly combines the features of the spy hidden camera and surveillance camera to create this unique Q18 mini camera.

Camera Camera

The Q18 spy camera is easy to setup. 4K image quality more clear than other brand mini cameras. It’s ideal for improve the security of your home, office etc. Controlled remotely 24/7 live streaming via apps with surveillance features. It’s the perfect quality versatile hidden camera for you needs!


Great Mini Hidden Camera


AOBOCAM Q18 hidden camera is the most compact hidden security camera in the world. It has a 1.5 inches size, featuring with magnetic body, adhesive metal plate, and a sturdy base design. You could stick it on the wall directly, need not to drill a hole on the wall anymore. Small body can be easily hidden at any corner and no one will found it.


Farewell to Purple Blur Image


Compared to other brand 1080P spy cameras, AOBOCAM Q18 spy camera’s HD image feature is sure to impress you. The picture color will not be purple or blurry, so you don’t have to worry about the video quality anymore! See the inside of your home on your smartphone no matter where you are.


Long Standby Time


AOBOCAM Q18 mini security camera comes with a 1500mAh rechargeable battery that last up to 6 hours when fully charged. Also you can plug in power outlet. So that you will never worry about the mini camera stop working. It also with SD card storage and cloud storage, If the Wi-Fi goes down, it can record important events to local SD card.


With Free Smooth App


When AOBOCAM Q18 mini spy camera detects someone moving, it will record motion alarm video and push alarm notification to you ASAP, so you will know the exceptions within 0.5 seconds. Help you that see what’s happening live in HD video anytime at the day or night, don’t miss any important moment,prevent strangers from invading your home.


Super Clear Picture In The Dark


The infrared night vision of the AOBOCAM Q18 mini camera has been upgraded. the new night vision technology ensure clear and high quality images. Even in the dark, the IR LED night vision can view up to 20 feet. You can see clearly in full dark. Perfect for 24/7 baby, elder, or pet monitoring.


Only 3 Steps


AOBOCAM is a brand you can trust. Compared to other brand cameras, AOBOCAM Q18 spy camera was really easy to set up. The app with instructions is free to download and shows you how to connect to WiFi and store the video on your phone.

KEEP AN EYES ON YOUR LOVED Camera Camera Baby Monitor & Nanny Camera

Worried about baby waking up crying. AOBOCAM help you capture every movement of your baby. Let it be a best helper for guarding your baby’s safety.

Camera Camera Pet Camera

Worried about your pets causing trouble at home. AOBOCAM Q18 camera help you to keep an eyes on your pets, dog and cats anywhere and anytime.

Camera Camera Elderly Care

Worried about elderly falling at home. You can check your parents at home anytime through the mobile app. The safety of elderly is in your hands.

Camera Camera Children Security

Worried about whether the children’s are safe to playing at home. Help you keep track on the movements of your children at home. Never worry again.

Camera Camera

2.It’s easy, we can help you We understand your worries. Because we all want to make the people we love safer and happier! You only have to spend a small amount of money to own AOBOCAM mini security camera, it can put you at ease, no matter how far away or how long you are away from home. We can help you realize your wish of seeing your lovely babies, naughty pets, and elderly parents anytime and anywhere, and protect the safety of your family.
3.Small size, great use This is the smallest Wi-Fi security camera in the world, which is only 1.3”in length, not easy to be damage. A true wireless design is realized , no network cable and power cord is required, and it is very easy to set up and install. With the help of its powerful magnetic body, you can attach this wireless camera to the surface.
4.Why AOBOCAM cameras images are the clearest We have a professional technical research and development team, specializing in intelligent algorithms. Compared with other ordinary cameras, AOBOCAM camera for home security can achieve better picture details under the same pixel conditions. Built-in starlight level sensors. Even in the dark, the infrared LED night vision light has a view up to 20 feet. Starlight night vision, no fear of the dark night, clear at night without light.
5.Why AOBOCAM camera battery has the longest standby time AOBOCAM camera is equipped with a 1500mAH high-capacity lithium battery with a standby time 6 hours. While the battery life of other ordinary hidden cameras is only 30 minutes, AOBOCAM camera lasts 12 times longer, and our service life is more than 10 times longer. You don’t have to worry about thieves cutting off the power and committing crimes. Even if there is a power failure, the battery power supply will be worked as usual.


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